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How Michaels transformed its personalization strategy to drive greater loyalty and engagement

arts & crafts store

Introduction Michaels, the largest arts and crafts retail chain in North America, has over 1,200 stores and a community of millions of loyal “Makers.” However, connecting individually with Makers at scale poses immense challenges. This case study explores how Michaels implemented an AI-powered omnichannel personalization strategy to deepen engagement and loyalty across its customer base. […]

Canva: leveraging generative AI to drive innovation in graphic design

innovation - graphic design

Introduction Canva, a leading DIY graphic design platform, has undertaken a rapid integration of generative AI capabilities over the past year to automate and enhance creative workflows for its users. Named Fast Company’s 2023 Design Company of the Year, Canva provides a timely case study into how companies can strategically deploy AI to transform user […]